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I’ve been trying to find more of Bobby Driscoll’s television anthropology work but episodes are very scarce. I know where most episodes are located, but if you have a copy of any of the following episodes please let me know. Thank you.

Episodes I am trying to obtain:

                                                     Schlitz Playhouse – Episode: Early Space Conquerors (1952)
                                                                                       Episode: Too Late to Run (1955)

                                                    Dragnet – Episode: The Big Sophomore (1953)

                                                    Fireside Theatre – Episode: His Father’s Keeper (1954)
                                                                                   Episode: The Double Life of Barley Peters (1955)

                                                      TV Reader’s Digest – Episode: No Horse, No Wife, No Mustache (1956)

                                                                                       Episode: The Smuggler (1956)

                                                  Front Row Center – Episode: Ah, Wilderness (1955)

                                                  Trackdown – Episode: Blind Alley (1959)

* Please refer to the filmography page for more television episodes that are not listed.

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