Bobby Driscoll's Life

Timeline of Events

Bold/Italics = Acting Credentials

Blue Text = Personal Events

Year Personal Events




Robert Cletus Driscoll born March 3rd.

(6 years old)

Driscoll family move to Altadena, CA

Bobby discovered by Altadena barber Bill Kadel at the age of 5 1/2

Nov. 10 - Lost Angel released



(7 years old)

Feb. 3 -  The Sullivans released

Oct. 20 - Has interview at Disney Studio

Nov. 20 - Has interview test at the Disney Studio

Dec. 3 - Disney contract prepared for Bobby to play Johnny in Song of the South; $250/week for 13 weeks; 10 weeks guaranteed

Dec. 8 - Sunday Dinner for a Soldier released

Dec. 30 - The Big Bonanza released



(8 years old)

Apr. 2 - Identity Unknown released

May 18 -  Disney picks up option on Bobby's services for additional 13 weeks

Aug. 29 - Another 13-week option picked up

Sep. 14 – Loan-out to RKO for From This Day Forward

Nov. 28 - Another 13-week option picked up

Nov. 29 – Loan-out to Universal for So Goes My Love

Dec. 13 - Miss Susie Slagle's released



(9 years old)

Feb. 27 - Another 13-week option; raise to $300/week

Mar. 1 - From This Day Forward released

Mar. 18 - Loan-out to Paramount for O.S.S.

Apr. 19 - So Goes My Love released

July 26 - O.S.S. released

Aug. 23 - Finished filming So Dear to My Heart

Aug. 28 - Picked up 13-week option

Nov. 6 - Interviewed on Martha Deane Show (radio)

Dec. 25 - Appeared on The Dennis Day Show (radio)



(10 years old)

Feb. 12 – Loan-out to RKO for If You Knew Susie

Feb. 26 - Option for 52 weeks picked up, at $400/week

Mar. 17 - Returned to Disney Studio for Pecos Bill filming

Mar. 19 - Finished filming If You Knew Susie

Nov. 13 - Filming of The Window began in New York City



(11 years old)

Jan. 6 - Finished work on The Window

Feb. 19 - Appeared on Family Theater "The Future Is Yours"

Feb. 25 - 52-week option picked up at $500/week

Mar. 8 - If You Knew Susie released

May 27 - Melody Time released

Jun. 10 - Recorded for So Dear to My Heart record album

Aug. 19 -Appeared on Family Theater "Jamie and the Promise"

Dec. 15 - Appeared on Family Theater "A Daddy for Christmas"



(12 years old)

Jan. 19 - So Dear to My Heart released

Feb. 23 - new 7-year Disney contract negotiated beginning with 52 weeks at $500/week

May 10 - The Window released

Jun. 21 –Filming of Treasure Island began in England.

Nov. 15 - Recorded for Fathers Are People at Disney

Dec - Named Most Talented Juvenile Star by Parents Magazine



(13 years old)

Feb. 22 - picked up option for 52 weeks at $600/week

Mar. 23 - Bobby wins a juvenile Oscar for The Window & So Dear to My Heart

Apr. 19 - Appears on Family Theater "Mahoney's Lucky Day"

May 25 - Appeared on The Hallmark Playhouse in "Knee Pants"

Jun. 5 - At Western for costume fitting for Peter Pan

Jun. 6 - Shot Peter Pan publicity stills at Disney

Jun. 22 - Filmed Peter Pan test at Disney

July 6 - Appears on Movie-town Radio Theater "The Throwback"

July 19 - Treasure Island released

Nov. 13 - Production began on Disney's One Hour in Wonderland

Nov. 18 - Loan-out to Horizon Pictures for When I Grow Up

Nov./Dec. - When I Grow Up being filmed

Dec. 23 - Finished filming When I Grow Up

Dec. 24 - Appeared on Family Theater

Dec. 25 -Appeared in Disney's One Hour in Wonderland



(14 years old)

Jan. 8 - Attended story meeting at Disney for Peter Pan

Jan. 11 - Another Peter Pan story meeting

Jan. 16 - Peter Pan recording with Kathryn Beaumont

Jan. 29 - Appears on Lux Radio Theater "Treasure Island"

Jan. 30 - Recording for Peter Pan

Feb. 1 - Live action rehearsal begins for Peter Pan

Feb. 19 - Live action rehearsal ends for Peter Pan

Feb. 20 - 52-week option not picked up; future payments on daily voucher

Apr. 20 - When I Grow Up released

Autumn - Enters 9th grade at Hollywood Professional School

Oct. 21 - Provided the voice of Goofy Jr. in the cartoon Fathers Are People

Nov. - Walt Disney Christmas Show filmed

Dec. 25 - Appeared on Cavalcade of America "The Day They Gave Babies Away"

Dec. 25 - Appeared in the Walt Disney Christmas Show



(15 years old)

Jan. 4 - Provided the voice of Goofy Jr. in the cartoon Father's Lion

Jan./Feb. - The Happy Time filmed

Mar. - Bobby sent to public University High School for two years.

June 27 - Provided a voice in the cartoon Teachers Are People

July 18 - Appeared in Schlitz Playhouse of Stars "Early Space Conquerors"

Aug. 26 - The Happy Time released

Autumn - Bobby enters his Sophomore year of high school at University High School

Dec. 10 - Appeared in The Unexpected "Some Day They'll Give Us Guns"



(16 years old)

Feb. 5 - Peter Pan released

Mar. 19 - Appears on 25th Annual Academy Awards

Late March/ Early April – Bobby was let go by Disney

Apr. 8 - Appeared on Family Theater "The Courtship of John Dennis"

Spring - Bobby starts using marijuana

September - Bobby enters his Junior year of high school at University High

Oct. 1 - Appeared in Dragnet "The Big Sophomore"

Dec. 23 - Appeared on Lux Radio Theater "Peter Pan"



(17 years old)

* Bobby starts using heroin

Jan. - Appeared in churches in The Boy With a Cart with The Bishop's Company

Mar. - Receives Milky Way Gold Star Award

Aug. 19 - Appears in Ah! Wilderness at the Pasadena Playhouse

Sep. - Bobby returns to Hollywood Professional School for Senior year

Sep. 20 - Appeared in Medic "Laughter Is a Boy"

Nov. 17 - Appeared in Big Town "Juvenile Crime Pack"

Dec. 5 - Appeared in Letter to Loretta "Big Jim"

Dec. 7 - Appeared in Fireside Theatre "His Father's Keeper"



(18 years old)

Jan. 18 - Appeared in Fireside Theatre "The Double Life of Barney Peters"

Feb. 8 - Appeared in Crown Theatre with Gloria Swanson "The Best Years"

Feb. 28 - Appeared in TV Reader's Digest "A Matter of Life and Death"

May - Bobby graduates high school from Hollywood Professional School

June 15 - Appeared in Front Row Center "Ah, Wilderness"

July 17 - Appeared in Dateline: Disneyland (opening day)

Aug. 5 - Appeared in Schlitz Playhouse of Stars "Too Late to Run"

Aug. 19 - The Scarlet Coat released

Oct. 12 - Appeared on Family Theater "The Penalty" (radio)

Oct. 12 - Appeared in Screen Directors Playhouse "Day Is Done"

Nov. 29 - Appeared in Navy Log "Navy Corpsman



(19 years old)

*Joins the Beat Generation. Introduced to Wallace Berman by Dean Stockwell and Russ Tamblyn
Jan. 13 - Appeared in Crusader "Fear"Jan. 26 - Appeared in The Ford Television Theater "Try Me for Size"Jan. 26 - Appeared in Climax "The Secret of River Lane"Mar. 19 - Appeared in TV Reader's Digest "No Horse, No Wife, No Mustache"Apr. 30 - Appeared in Studio One "I Do"

July 9 - Appeared in TV Reader's Digest "The Smuggler"

July 10 - Arrested on marijuana charge; living at 16524 Chattanooga Pl., Pac. Palisades

July 12 - Held press conference at lawyer's office proclaiming innocence

Aug. 22 - Arrested for bean shooting from a car

Sep. 4 - Appeared in Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theater "Dirty Face"

Sep. 19 - Appeared on Family Theater "Fair Exchange"

Nov. 9 - Appeared in Zane Grey Theater "Death Watch"

Dec. 3 – Bobby eloped with Marilyn Jeanne Rush in Mexico; annulled



(20 years old)

*Bobby living at Hermosa Beach – meets George Herms

*Bobby relocates to Santa Monica after getting married

* Bobby working as a clerk in a haberdashery in Pacific Palisades to support marriage

Mar. 8 - Bobby and Marilyn re-wed in California

May - Appeared on stage in Girls of Summer (Players Ring Theater)

July - Appeared in Silent Service "The Ordeal of S-38"

August - Bobby has his first child, a son. The first of three children.

Aug. 7 - Appeared on Family Theater "A Shot in the Dark"

Oct. 11 - Appeared in M Squad "Pete Loves Mary"



(21 years old)

July 14 - Appeared in Frontier Justice "Death Watch"

August – Bobby has his second child; a daughter.

Sep. 10 - Appeared in The Millionaire "The Norman Conover Story"

Sep. 16 - The Party Crashers released

Appeared in Men of Annapolis "The Irwin Brown Story"


(22 years old)

May 1 - Appeared in Rawhide "Incident of Fear in the Streets"

Oct. 11 - Arrested on a narcotics charge; later acquitted

Appeared in Track-down "The Blind Alley "



(23 years old)

* Separated from wife, then divorced her

March - Bobby has his third child; a second daughter.

June 12 - Appeared in The Chevy Mystery Show "The Summer Hero"

June 19 - Arrested for assault with a deadly weapon in Malibu, CA

June 23 – Felony assault charged dropped

Nov. 5 - Appeared in The Brothers Brannagan "The Twisted Root"

Nov. 5 - Appeared in The Best of the Post "Cop Without a Badge"

Dec 16 - Appeared in Rawhide "Incident of the Captive"



(24 years old)

Relocates to Topanga Canyon

Apr. 4 - Arrested with girlfriend Suzanne Stansbury for burglary of an animal clinic

Apr. 21 - Burglary charge against Bobby dropped for lack of evidence

May 1 - Arrested for forging a $45 check; pleaded guilty

May 2 - Arrested on narcotics charge;

Oct. 13 - Referred to psychiatric court for possible commitment as narcotic addict

Oct. 18 - Committed to CA Narcotics Rehab Center at Chino (Men's Institution at Tehachapi) for 6-months



(25 years old)

Late April - Released from Chino

(26 years old)

Meets Sharon Didi Morrill

Marries Sharon Didi Morrill

Relocates to Beverly Glenn, living with Didi



(27 years old)

Working as a carpenter for a construction company

Drug deal event takes place

Bobby’s Parole expired



(28 years old)

Spring - Bobby moves to New York; associated with Andy Warhol's Greenwich Village art community

Appears in the Underground short film Dirt; along side Sharon Morrill



(29 years old)

Winter – Wrote poem titled, “The Sunday Bonnett”

(30 years old)

Poems published in the underground book, The Great Society

Late 67 - Broke up with Didi



(31 years old)

Feb – Arrested. Wrote to Allen Ginsberg

March 30 - Bobby dies unknown in Greenwich Village, New York City

April. - Buried in a potter's field on Hart Island