1940s Articles

These articles consists of Bobby being interviewed for various newspapers. These interviews give immense insight on Bobby's personal life; such as his likes, as well as a glimpse into his personality. These interviews contain direct quotes that Bobby said personally.

1950s Articles (excluding arrests)

This section of newspaper articles offers more in-depth commentary from Bobby himself. His words in these articles provide a sense of maturity beyond his years.

Bean Shooter Incident

Here is where you can read about the bean shooter arrest of August 1956, which involved Bobby, 19, at the time of arrest and a friend Lester Ferguson.

1956 Posession of Drugs Arrest

These articles document the July 1956 arrest of Bobby, 19, and his friend Lester Ferguson for possession of narcotics.

Bobby's Marriage to Marilyn

This section contains articles about Bobby's marriage to Marilyn. In these articles he talks about his future wife Marilyn, his elopement with her, and an article a year after his marriage explaining his married life.

1959 Narcotics Arrest

These articles document Bobby and two other men being arrested for possession of narcotics. Note: The picture provided here, and in the articles do not represent Bobby at time of arrest. The picture is from the set of Party Crashers, in 1958.

Articles about the 1960 Arrest

This section explains the June 1960 arrest of Bobby when he was heckled by two men, which in response Bobby brandished a gun to them. Photo: This photo is of him being cleared of charges.

1961 Burgulary Arrest

This section documents the arrest of Bobby, and his then girlfriend, Suzanne Stansbury, on charges relating to money stolen from an animal clinic.

May 1961 Arrests (Bad checks, and Narcotics)

These articles document the May 1st incident of Bobby forging a bad check, and the next day incident of May 2nd when Bobby was arrested for narcotics.

Committed to Narcotics Rehab

These articles explain Bobby being committed as a drug addict for six months to Tehachapi,a narcotics rehabilitation center. These articles contain quotes spoken by Bobby himself about his decent into addiction, thoughts about his addiction, drug addiction in general, and his criminal past.