This section includes interviews, publicity, and advertisements about Bobby Driscoll that have appeared in various vintage magazines throughout the 40s, 50s, and 60s.



The Dangerous Years (Spring 1953)

In this interview, Bobby is fifteen years old, and talks about his life as a teenager. This article takes place during his sophomore year at University high school.

Hot-Rod Stage Share Affections of Bobby Driscoll (1954)

In this article, Bobby is interviewed by journalist Zelda Cini. In this interview he talks about his love for hot rods. It also is hinted in this interview about his contract with Disney "ending".

Star at six - unknown at nineteen (1956)

Bobby is interviewed by Andrea Sheridan. Bobby talks about his personal life after graduating high school.

Bobby Driscoll's Terrifying Story - The Nightmare Life of an Ex-Child Star ( May 1961)

Bobby Driscoll is personally interviewed in this six page magazine article. He is interviewed in a cafe in Santa Monica. This interview takes place two and half weeks after Bobby was jailed for a forgery charge, and being suspected of possessing narcotics.

The Lonely Death of a Star (1972)

Isabelle Driscoll, Bobby's mother, is interviewed about the life of her late son. This interview takes place in 1972 after Bobby's body was officially identified. Isabelle talks about Bobby as a child star, and his downfall with addiction.


Publicity Articles

Don't Be A Bad Actor (1952)

For this pictorial spread, Bobby Driscoll and Kathryn Beaumont, were asked to simulate some annoying and bad movie-going habits of their peers This pictorial splashed across two pages of the July 1952 issue of Movie Teen magazine. Original photos and captions individually taken from the spread, and shown.

Natalie Wood Bobby Driscoll

Teens On The Town (October 1953)

A publicity article featuring child stars, Bobby Driscoll and Natalie Wood. The two teenagers go on a date in this two page article. They go around town attending various places for this photo spread.



Mickey Mouse Watch (1947)

This magazine advertisement is for a Mickey Mouse Watch. Featured in tis ad is child stars Luana Patten and Bobby Driscoll who starred in the film, Song Of The South from 1944. The source of this ad is from Ladies Home Journal Magazine.

Lake Placid Plaid Jacket (1950)

Ad for Lake Placid Plaid Jacket from the September 1950 issue of Boy's Life Magazine.

Sunday News Cover (Late 40s)

This advertisement is for children going back to school. This advertisement is from the Sunday News which is an New York Pictorial Newspaper. This ad took place sometime in the late 1940s. Bobby is shown along with another child actor, Claude Jarman Jr.