Dear Website Visitor,


This website was created in tribute and remembrance to the late actor Robert “Bobby” Cletus Driscoll

         (March 3, 1937- March 30,1968)


 Bobby Driscoll is best known for being an American child actor known for starring in cinema, radio, and television performances from the 1940s and 1950s. Most notably in Disney’s animation film, Peter Pan (1953), starring as the voice for the character Peter Pan. 


This website came to be when I decided to restore the inactive domain: I took the domain over and completely made this website from scratch after years of it being shut down (approx. since 2009). I became aware of the website when it was active in the late 2000s which is how I became familiar with Bobby Driscoll.


The purpose of this website is to give the general public knowledge and vast research chronicling Bobby’s life and career.

       This website is also intended for Bobby’s multimedia works to be archived, and showcased in one place for the public to view.


I hope that we can foster a community here in commemoration to Bobby. There will be a message board at a later date.


Lastly, I hope that you enjoy what is presented on this website, and that you take away from it something positive.


Yours Truly,


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